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About Jill 

I was born in New York City surrounded by a world of art. As part of my early education, I went to the Art Students League to study painting and drawing. I continued on to receive a BFA in Art Education and Ceramics from the University of Oklahoma.

Moving to Miami, Florida after college, I remained active in the art world. I taught art at Hillel School in North Miami Beach. I became a ceramics instructor and Director of Education at Ceramic League of Miami. And I went on to establish Clay Time, a ceramic studio, school, and gallery.

When I moved to Asheville, NC, I made the decision to focus on painting, which ultimately lead to Jill Lawrence Studio.

For the past 10 years I have worked with and experimented in a variety of painting media, now concentrating mostly on oil paints mixed with cold wax, which allows the depth and texture of clay in a two-dimensional field.

As the abstract images and layers of my work emerge during the creative process, there’s often an intuitive recognition that more of me is being revealed in my painting than I had originally envisioned.

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